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Every time Rose comes to our home to run the art group it is a pleasure and a blessing. I enjoy doing my art together in the group rather than on my own.

Libby, Aged Care Resident, Art Group Participant

Rose is the best. She is so helpful and friendly and everyone is attracted to her personality. I like the art group because we have a good time, it’s fun and relaxing. I just wish it was longer and more often!

Lilia, Aged Care Resident, Art Group Participant

Rose is very passionate with her art therapy with the residents who enjoy her group because she lets them choose what to create with every colour they want and allow them to express what is in their minds. Freedom is real in Art. Rose is compassionate, excellent and terrific. 

Carmela, Aged Care Worker

One of my dad's great lifelong hobbies has been a passionate love for painting (in oils) in the Australian bush. Eight years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson's and then four years ago he was further diagnosed with a rare muscle wasting illness that would slowly progress to affect his physical capabilities. A year ago the sad day came when he needed to move into permanent care. We thought his painting days were over, and his artistic expression would be lost to him, along with so many other things that brought joy to his life.

We were lucky enough to come into contact with Rose. We arranged for a weekly session of individual art therapy for dad. Initially, he had very set views about the way his art could be practised and was resistant to any alternatives or adaptations that were needed because of his changed living circumstances and encroaching physical limitations. Rose was so good with him. He felt comfortable with her from the start, and they started doing portraits and still life paintings in oils in the nursing home, with a lot of support from her. Soon he became more open to other mediums and forms, such as painting from beautiful large format books she had found, or using pastels she sourced.

Rose has been able to find creative and innovative ways to re-engage him in his art, in a way that is pragmatic for his current circumstances. He looks forward to the weekly sessions, and has even been able to start doing sketches and pastels in his own time. She has made a significant and positive impact to his quality of life. She is proactive, thoughtful, calm and resourceful and I have no hesitation in recommending her services for others in similar circumstances.

Annie, Daughter of Aged Care Resident, Art Therapy Client

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